Fabulous Fancy Baking Blend Flour

Now I've said before that no one blend can "do it all," and I still believe that's absolutely true.  But I do find that THIS one seems to fill the bill for most light baked goods.  Cakes, cookies, muffins, and delicate pastries come out well with this mix AND there is some protein and fiber in it as well.  It's not as nutritious as whole grains would be, but it does give an excellent texture and flavor:

2 c. millet flour
4 c. superfine white rice flour
1 c. sweet rice flour
2 c. tapioca flour
½ c. potato starch

You'll note that there is no xanthan gum or salt in this mix.  That's because different uses require different amounts of these two adjuncts, so I've left it to the baker to determine what's most appropriate for a given recipe.  Enjoy!


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