A Delightful Giveaway

Now, if you know me, you know that I adore "Where Women Cook," and I'm also a fan of "Where Women Create."  I'm always delighted when I can pick up an issue at Costco - the 30% discount on magazines makes a big difference.  Or I just save my pennies and pick up an issue when the Husband isn't looking.  You could even say that appearing in the pages of "Where Women Cook" is something of a pipe dream of mine.  (Of course, this would require a new kitchen to be photographed in.....)

So my little heart skipped a beat this morning at the new giveaway, here:


A year's subscription to EACH magazine, plus a goody bag with all kinds of other fun stuff.  And I point you at it at risk of decreasing the odds that I can get my hot little hands on it.

Of course, it's also true that I may  have used up my store of luck for the near future, anyway.  Yesterday I won a free pass to Cookbook Camp with Maggie Green of Green Apron.  This was a result of having listened to a teleseminar with Maggie, which I highly recommend.

At this point, life is good.  Anticipate more recipes and a book review up coming!


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