Meet Francesca

I don't spend all my time baking.  I also like to sew, among other things.  While I have a nice, computerized embroidery machine (not that I've ever used the embroidery unit), I've always wanted a treadle.  So I've been scouring the local antique stores, thrift shops, E-bay, and Craig's List.  As it turns out, treadle machines are common, but complicated to buy.  Every brand has different needles, shuttles, etc.
Today I picked up Francesca, a vibrating shuttle Damascus - made by the National Sewing Machine Company and sold from Montgomery Ward's mail order catalog.  I'm not sure just how old she is, since it's a bit too dark out to find the serial number tonight.

The decals are somewhat silvered and there is some wear on the top, but she does have all her attachments, shuttle, six bobbins, and the manual.

I promise, next post we'll get back to baking.  But feel free to comment:  Do you want to hear more about Francesca?  Or stick to the baking?


  1. Holly, Francesca is so pretty. I hope she's soon ready to stitch at a level commensurate with her beauty. I'm sure she has many, many years left to work.


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